Anime News Network has a thorough summary of the big announcement on Saturday night, which gave us new artwork of the Inner Senshi, and a voice cast for them as well!  Kotono Mitsuishi is returning as Usagi/Sailor Moon, but the rest of the cast for the Inners is all new.  I’m not really up and familiar with current anime coming out, much less the VA scene, so I’m interested to see what these new actors will be bringing to their roles. :D

I am loving the visual style so far.  I’m loving the costume details they’re bringing over from the manga, like Mercury’s lack of shoulder bands, Moon’s choker and locket, and Venus’ chain belt.  I’m definitely down for the anime to be more or less like a Naoko Takeuchi drawing in motion, and that’s what the artwork so far suggests to me.  There’s a bit of wonky anatomy in the new images, and I’d have liked to see more of the characters’ personalities come through in it, but I’m trying to keep in mind that these are character concept art/promotional images, so we won’t REALLY know what the final product is going to look like until it airs.  I’m still freaking stoked and I WANT IT IN MY EYEBALLS RIGHT MEOW.

Speaking of which, the first episode is going to air at 7pm on July 5th!  Which means, correct me if I’m wrong, 6am Eastern time on July 6th?  Or will it still be July 5th in the USA, too?  I don’t know how to time adjust off the top of my head.  XD

Ten weeks to go. :D