This week I got started with packing up physical rewards, which involved designing the bonus poster!  Which will also function as the cover for Chapter Three, so huzzah!  Here’s a preview of it!  (The version in the comic archive will be a bit bigger.)  This chapter’s title is “One Last Message”.


Here are some progress pictures I took along the way:

igram_hannah02 igram_hannah01

Sketching out some ideas first.


I eventually decided to feature all three girls on this cover, with Hannah the most prominent, since she hasn’t been featured on a cover yet.

igram_testprint1 igram_testprint2

Some test prints of the finished art!  The posters look amazing, and I hope you all like them. :)  They’ll be up for sale after all the Kickstarter rewards are shipped, for those that want them.

Most of the orders are packed, and I’m waiting on the shipping labels I ordered to come in, as well as the Kickstarter survey responses.  So if you haven’t answered your survey, please do so!  The sooner you do, the sooner you get your swag! :)

Shipping party!

Shipping party!