(Pen and colored pencil sketch.)

I’ve considered sending the girls to the library at some point in the story. It’s the main library in downtown Columbus, right across the street from Grant– time will tell once all the business at Grant is finished. But what-if scenarios are fun to think about and doodle, so Andy and Hannah are taking a nap on one of those institutional benches. :)

I have this tub full of old (like REALLY OLD) Crayola colored pencils that I collected between… let’s say 2000 and 2004. Some of them were pilfered from my HS art teacher’s supply, so who knows how old THOSE are. (But really, if they sold the lighter peach pencils in the retail packs, I wouldn’t have had to steal them from school, WOULD I?)

They have too much sentimental value to me to just get rid of them, even though I ALSO have a decent collection of GOOD colored pencils from Prismacolor. But being old and dry makes them pretty good for adding some color to sketchbook drawings.

In days of yore, colored pencils and cheap markers were my jam and I did everything with them.

(Proto-Andy in her proto-uniform. 2002? wtf)

(Proto-Hannah. I don’t know what she could possibly be doing in this pose. Playing basketball?)

(Proto-Sami back when she was a white blonde girl. I stole the pose from an Oh My Goddess VHS cover. Bonus Photoshop lens flare!)

Coming back to them feels a little like coming home.