↓ Transcript
[Priya walks the halls of the hospital in a daze. Two people are sleeping; one slumped against the wall, another simply laying on the floor.]

Caption: I don't know how long ago that was. I haven't slept, or eaten, or had anything to drink. I haven't needed to. Time doesn't seem to pass here.]

[Priya looks into another room, where a visitor is slumped over in a chair.]

Caption: All the patients, my colleagues, the nurses and staff... everyone who was here that day just... went to sleep.

[She goes back to the room from before.]

Caption: Everyone but me. I'm the only one he kept awake.

[At the edge of the privacy curtain, Priya's eyes widen. A glow comes from off-panel.]

Caption: And so I wait.

[The person lays in the hospital bed, glowing, as the wavy warp lines return.]