↓ Transcript
[Priya takes the call.]

Priya: Yes? ...Sir, I requested today off MONTHS... What? WHO? ...That doesn't make ANY sense. ...FINE. Okay. I'll be on my way soon.

[Irritated, she massages her brow.]

Priya: (to herself) Today, of all days...

[She turns back to Sami's closed door, placing a hand on the door frame.]

Priya: Samhita, I have to go to Grant for a little while. We can talk when I get back.

[Cut to Sami, inside, who scrunches her eyes closed at the next words in the middle of typing.]

Priya: We're GOING TO TALK when I get back.

[Through the door, Sami answers curtly.]

Sami: Okay. Bye.