↓ Transcript
<i>[Sami is sitting with her chin resting on her hand at a school desk, staring out the window at the city skyline, the hologram partially visible. Her notebook is full of drawings of the hexagram as she idly doodles, not paying attention.]</i>

Teacher (from off-panel): MISS RAJU!

<i>[Sami nervously snaps back to attention.]

[Sami is riding in a car with her mother, watching a group of people standing at the side of the street holding signs that say "THE END IS NIGH", "HONK FOR THE LORD" and "REPENT".]</i>

Sami [Caption]: It's so bizarre here. The city's just FULL of people. Coming from all over.

<i>[A closeup of Sami looking worried and biting her bottom lip.]

[Sami is standing at a park by the river very close to downtown. A tent city has established itself in the park.]</i>

Sami [Caption]: It seems like half the city is just trying to keep going like normal, and the other half is saying "to hell with it." Like it's the end of days.