↓ Transcript
<b>[A series of vloggers give their take on the hologram.]</b>

<i>Panel 1: [A middle-aged white man with a red beard and a brown hat gestures emphatically in a dim room.]</i>

Vlogger 1: It's gonna be an INVASION!

<i>Panel 2: [A young white woman wearing dark glasses.]</i>

Vlogger 2: Oh my god, you guys, this is a fuckin' HOAX!

Panel 3: <i>[Sami sits at her desk, writing fervently in a notebook. On the wall behind her laptop there are many yellow sticky notes placed here and there.]</i>

Panel 4: <i>[Sami kneels on her bed, pinning up a piece of paper on the wall, where several pieces of paper, clippings, and sticky notes are also pinned.]</i>

<i>Panel 5: [An elderly white woman sits on the edge of her bed.]</i>

Vlogger 3: The LORD will walk the earth again, and all His people will rise up to Heaven!

<i>Panel 6: [A stylish, young black woman with long curly hair.]</i>

Vlogger 4: They want the movie hype to go viral! They're really going deep this time.