↓ Transcript
<b>[A woman in a suit stands in the US Department of Defense press room, issuing a statement.]</b>

Scientist: The hologram cannot be touched or moved in any way. The gradual waning of the image since its appearance leads us to believe that it is meant to communicate some sort of countdown. We've determined the countdown will end on September 19th, at or around 4:00 PM local time.

<i>[The hologram projector, spherical and beige with a pattern of carved ridges on the surface. A round lense is visible near the bottom of the device.]</i>

Scientist: The projector is approximately 2 meters in each dimension, and hovers approximately 105 meters above the hologram. Attempts to further study the projector have been unsuccessful, as it is surrounded by an incandescent energy field, rendering us unable to come within two to three meters of the device.

[The press conference as seen on a TV.]

Scientist: However, one thing of which we are certain is that the projector and hologram are both extraterrestrial in origin.

<i>[Sami, her mother, and father sit on their couch, watching the press conference (off panel). Sami's parents watch intently, looking worried, while Sami's eyes are very round.]</i>